M’sian Woman Threatens To Dump Dog She Adopted After Getting A Job Overseas

The shelter was forced to take the dog back in.
Owning a pet isn’t just about having fun with your furry companion, but it’s also a long-term responsibility that requires dedication and love from the pet owner.

Sadly for an adorable brown pooch, she found herself being abandoned for the second time after her owner decided not to keep her anymore due to her new job posting overseas.

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M’sian woman threatens to dump dog she adopted after landing overseas job

The unfortunate dog involved was named Teh, whose tragic story was shared by an animal shelter named Ruff Love Malaysia on Instagram yesterday (Apr 3).

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In the post, Ruff Love wrote that Teh was first found tied to a pole along the street along with her sister and was later adopted by a woman.

After a year however, the woman decided she no longer had the capacity to take care of Teh and wanted to return her to the shelter.

Ruff Love also shared a series of screenshots documenting their conversation with the owner, who explained that she could no longer keep Teh after getting a job overseas.

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When the shelter told the woman that they couldn’t take Teh back due to space constraint, the latter proceeded to issue a threat about abandoning the dog with this passive aggressive reply: “Leave her by the roadside? I need to pack and leave by next Friday.”

Despite the shelter’s attempts to convince the woman not to abandon Teh, it proved to be futile, thus forcing them to take Teh back into their fold.

While the woman was most definitely relieved to wash her hands entirely of Teh, it had a negative impact on the dog, where the shelter noted that “her spirit is not what it used to be”.

To add insult to injury, Teh suffered skin issues upon being returned to the shelter, a condition which she didn’t have before.

Calling for public’s help

Not wanting Teh to suffer a similar fate again, Ruff Love is now looking for Malaysians who truly want to give her a forever home.

Teh has been spayed and needs to be vaccinated again, and also is to undergo treatment for her skin. If you would like to donate to Teh’s medical bills and food, you can make your donation to 1641 5561 3331 (Maybank).

“Please, if you plan to move, either make contingency plans for your pet, relocate them along with you, or do not adopt at all. Animals have feelings, and it is unfair to leave them behind” it wrote.

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We hope someone will adopt Teh soon and love her with all of their heart!


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