M’sian Motorcyclist Tries To Speed Past Car Lane At Toll, Hits Boom Gate & Falls

Why though??
In a recent viral video, a motorcyclist was seen speeding through a toll station and collided with the lowering barrier, resulting in a dramatic flip.

Captured on a driver’s dash cam and shared on social media by user @anthraxxx781, the video shows the motorcyclist recklessly trying to bypass the queue by using the car lane.

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A motorcycle in a car lane?

As vehicles lined up at the toll booth, the dash cam footage reveals the motorcyclist swiftly navigating into the car lane and attempting to shoot through the toll.

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Motor trying to zip through toll
Image via X/@anthraxxx781

Unfortunately, in a twist of timing, the toll booth barrier began to lower just as the motorcyclist approached, striking him head-on and causing his vehicle to overturn spectacularly.

Miraculously, the motorcyclist appeared to be relatively unscathed.

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After the crash, he was seen standing up and walking towards his motorcycle, which had ended up in the roadside grass.

Netizens’ reaction

This incident has since gone viral, amusing many viewers and drawing criticism towards the motorcyclist for his dangerous actions.

“You (the motorcyclist) are in the wrong here; they have already purposely built a motorcycle lane, yet you still chose to go through the toll gate.”

Comment there is a motor lane
Screengrab via X/@anthraxxx781

“Serves you right; I don’t pity you one bit.”

Comment serve you right
Screengrab via X/@anthraxxx781

“We should ban motorcycles on the highway; they don’t need to pay tolls but are always causing trouble.”

Comment should ban motorcyle in highway
Screengrab via X/@anthraxxx781

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