M’sian Woman Terrified To See Her Phone Typing Away On Its Own


Electronic device malfunctioning is a common issue, often prompting people to link them to supernatural occurrences.

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In a bizarre turn of events, a woman identified only as K found herself at the centre of a perplexing technological mystery when her mobile phone started typing on its own accord.

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The incident, which occurred amidst a series of electronic malfunctions, has left both K and those witnessing the event bewildered.

The ordeal began when K’s iPhone developed a sudden hardware issue rendering its camera unusable.

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Forced to resort to an old Android phone while awaiting repairs, K soon encountered an eerie occurrence.

While sharing her mobile hotspot password with a colleague due to office Wi-Fi connection issues, the keyboard of her Android device began typing without any human intervention.

K phone own typing
Photo provided to WeirdKaya

Despite attempts to halt the inexplicable typing, the keyboard persisted, further deepening the sense of unease and confusion.

Having previously experienced what she described as sensing the presence of “Toyo” at her home, K couldn’t help but draw connections between the incidents, raising questions about the nature of the technological malfunction.

K expressed her shock and bewilderment at the incident, emphasizing her inability to comprehend the underlying cause of the malfunction. While speculation suggests wear and tear as a potential factor, the mystery remains unsolved.

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Video provided to WeirdKaya

Have you ever experienced similar issues with your electronic devices? Share your experiences with us in the comments!

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