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M’sian Woman Spends 6 Hours Decorating Car With Raya Lights Before Taking It For A Ride

Going all out.
As Raya approaches, Malaysians are eagerly gearing up to celebrate in a grand fashion this year, with the aim to make it the most memorable and joyous occasion.

A local influencer recently turned heads with her flamboyant method of celebrating Raya by adorning her car with Raya lights and taking it out for a night drive with the lights shining brightly in the dark.

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Woman spends 6 hours decorating car with Raya lights

In a 22-second TikTok clip shared by Aliah (@kaksuemeow), it showed the entire process of her decorating her Volkswagen with an array of vibrant Raya lights and has garnered 1.2 million views at the time of writing.

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M'sian woman reveals her car being adorned with lights
Screenshot via TikTok/@kaksuemeow

The clip first begins with Aliah holding a box of Raya lights before it transitioned to a frame showing the car adorned with festive lights that shimmered with vibrant colors.

Once the decoration was done, Aliah took the car for a drive through the city streets as the lights shimmered brightly.

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As the car glided along, the Raya lights drew admiring glances from onlookers, further amplifying the festive atmosphere.

Car covered with decorative lights on the road
Screenshot via TikTok/@kaksuemeow

Speaking to WeirdKaya, Aliah said the entire process took a grueling six hours and was undertaken solely for content creation purposes.

She added that due to the Raya lights, the car couldn’t exceed 90 km/h as driving above this speed limit would render it impractical for regular use.

Aliah also said that she was assisted by her fiancé, her fiancé’s sister, and a friend in decorating the car.

Car covered with raya lights
Screenshot via TikTok/@kaksuemeow

“We also spent over RM500 on purchasing the lights and equipment necessary to bring their project to fruition,” she said.

Did it get past the police?

Shortly after the clip went viral, a netizen questioned whether Aliah was stopped by police for driving a car which was wrapped in Raya lights.

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In response, Aliah said she did run into a roadblock but the police were totally cool with it and assumed it was because they recognised her as a content creator.

M'sian woman takes 6 hours to decorate her car with raya lights and brings it for a drive comment 1
Screenshot via TikTok/@kaksuemeow

Meanwhile, netizens were amazed by the extent Aliah went to celebrate Raya, with one writing, ‘I expected her to hang the lights in front of her house!’

M'sian woman takes 6 hours to decorate her car with raya lights and brings it for a drive comment 2
Screenshot via TikTok/@kaksuemeow

Watch the video here:

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