M’sian Woman Shows How Closely Her Neighbour Parks Car, Can Barely Open Her Car Boot

A parking crisis at a local apartment complex has reached a boiling point, as a Kuala Lumpur resident takes to social media to vent her frustrations over a neighbor’s chronic parking violations.

The resident, who has chosen to remain anonymous, shared a TikTok video showcasing her daily struggle to access her car boot due to her neighbour’s car encroaching onto her parking spot.

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Stresses her out daily

The video, captioned “Neighbour from Hell,” vividly depicts the difficulty she faces, with the neighboring car’s front end blatantly overstepping the parking line.

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“Every evening, after a long day at work, this is what I come back to.”

The visual shows just how tightly she must park her own vehicle, squeezed against another car at the back, to somewhat mitigate the impact of the encroachment.

The proximity between her car boot and the neighbor’s front bumper is alarmingly close, leaving barely enough space to open her boot.

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Occasionally, despite her careful parking, the boot barely manages to open, forcing her to awkwardly reach around or climb into the boot to retrieve items.

The issue has resonated with many, as parking disputes in densely populated urban areas like Kuala Lumpur are not uncommon.

The resident hopes that her viral video will prompt her neighbor to reconsider their parking habits and bring some awareness to the importance of considerate parking in communal living spaces.


Why can't you just park properly at your own space?

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