M’sian Woman Shocked By E-Hailing Driver Asking Her To Pay Extra 20% To Turn On Aircond

A viral post has been circulating, shedding light on an outrageous charge imposed by a driver just to turn on the air conditioner during the ride.

Recently, an e-hailing driver allegedly asked his passenger for an extra 20% charge after she requested to turn on the air conditioning during their ride.

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Turning air cond on
Screenshot via FB/InDrive Malaysia

20% charge to turn on air conditioner

All started with the e-hailing driver posting on a Facebook group, sharing his dissatisfaction about his passenger.

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The alleged driver voiced his dissatisfaction about one of his passengers’ request to use the air conditioning. He demanded an additional 20% fee for turning it on. However, the passenger refused his offer and rode without the air conditioner on.

“Today, I didn’t use the air conditioning in my car. A passenger in my Grab asked me to turn it on, but I told her there would be a 20% charge to do so.”

“Then, she said she wanted to file a complaint against me,” he wrote, noting that the passenger would like to make a complaint against him for requesting extra charges.

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Facebook post
Screenshot via FB/InDrive Malaysia

Driver’s side income

Furthermore, he also said that drivers could actually earn extra income by providing air conditioning as an optional service, stating that it’s not automatically included in the fare.

“So, it’s time for all drivers to be smart and earn 20% from our car air conditioning. We’re not in the wrong, air conditioning isn’t compulsorily included in the fare.” he wrote in the post.

The passenger condemned his act

Following this, the passenger came forward and commented under his post, expressing her firm disapproval. She also mentioned that she is a regular user of the e-hailing service and is a registered member.

“Please let me know the name you’re using on inDrive or Grab so I can block you. I’ve been using both platforms for a long time. I’m a platinum member on Grab, and I’ve never encountered such a ridiculous thing.” the woman passenger commented.

Facebook comment
Screenshot via FB/InDrive Malaysia

She lodged a complaint against the driver

In the same Facebook group, the woman passenger shared both the screenshot of the driver’s post and the conversation screenshot with the e-hailing service’s help center.

It appears she submitted the screenshot of the driver’s post for further investigation, aiming for appropriate action to be taken against the driver.

Screenshot of conversation between passenger and help centre
Screenshot via FB/InDrive Malaysia

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


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