“Your Breasts Made Me Drool” — M’sian Woman Sexually Harassed By Stalker At Ramadan Bazaar

"Only an idiot like you would go there to see breasts."
Sexual harassment is an experience no woman should go through and unfortunately, it can happen almost anywhere, including places where one least expects it.

A woman recently took to Twitter to share how she was sexually harassed by a man who secretly took photos of her at a Ramadan bazaar in Bukit Jalil, KL and sent her lewd messages.

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A ramadan bazaar in malaysia
Photo via Harian Metro

‘Your breasts made me drool’

In a tweet dated Mar 24 by @bunga_merahhh, she shared two screenshots showing a random stranger who secretly took photos of her while she was waiting to buy food.

Not long after, the stalker sent her a private message via Twitter and said that he saw her at the Ramadan bazaar.

To further add on to the level of creepiness, the man then commented on her bodily features in an explicit manner:

Your breasts are really big. It made me drool when I saw them. Also, you’re very beautiful too.

This unsurprisingly left the woman shocked and angry, who expressed her disgust over the stalker’s remarks in the caption:

“People go to Bazaar Ramadhan to see food. Only an idiot like you would go there to see breasts.”

Read the tweet here:

Divided reactions

The tweet, which has been viewed more than 3.7 million times at the time of writing, saw mixed reactions from netizens over the matter.

Some, while expressing sympathy for the woman, said that she should have done more to cover up her intimate areas in order not to invite leering looks from men.

Screenshot via Twitter/@bunga_merahhh
Screenshot via Twitter/@bunga_merahhh

On the other hand, several netizens came in support of the woman and slammed her critics for victim blaming, saying that one’s choice of clothes had no relation to a man’s lustful thoughts.

Screenshot via Twitter/@bunga_merahhh
Screenshot via Twitter/@bunga_merahhh

Speaking to WeirdKaya, the woman who only wanted to be known as Azza said she doesn’t know who the stalker is and that he messaged her on the same day she went to the bazaar.

When asked what action she intends to take against the man, Azza said she has blocked the man on social media but doesn’t plan to make a police report.

She also called upon women who have been sexually harassed by unknown men to be brave in speaking up.

Always ask for help. Don’t be afraid because you’re not alone in this,” she said.

If you or anyone is suffering mental distress as a result of sexual harassment, please give the following hotlines a call:


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