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M’sian Woman Sexually Harassed By 16yo Teen In LRT, Gets Scolded For ‘Blaming’ A Minor By His Family

"You're an OF model, not satisfied is it?" netizens bash her.

Being a woman is a beautiful thing yet the challenges women face often makes it feel like a curse. In Malaysia, there are instances of catcalling, stalking, and rape that have regrettably become common occurrences, leading to a climate of fear and concern. Yet, the reason behind this is, many are scared.

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Not being afraid of the aftermath, a woman, Mandy decided to voice out regarding her traumatic experience on LRT.

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The victim, was on the way home. As she was nearing to her station, she could feel a cold sense on her butt. Realising that it’s a male’s hand, she took out her phone to record the man’s face.

As she took out her phone to record, she realised that a Chinese man behind her was already filming as he could feel that there was something fishy going on.

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She then decided to make a conversation with the man, to ask for the video.

Video provided to WeirdKaya

“Aren’t you ashamed? can you stop touching me?” she questioned him in the video for his disgusting act. In the video, he was seen acting clueless of the situation and approaching his family.

Not being aware of his family’s presence, Mandy started to raise her voice to him once again, asking him not to touch another girl like this again.

M’sian woman sexually harassed by 16yo teen in lrt, gets scolded for 'blaming' a minor by his family | weirdkaya
Photo provided to WeirdKaya

The parents could not take responsibility for the matter

The father of the boy, responded to her by questioning “Why are you making a fuss? He is just 16!”.

Speaking to WeirdKaya, Mandy explained that despite showing the video, the father kept repeating that the son would not commit in such acts, claiming that he is only 16.

Meanwhile, the mother’s face was painted with pure disappointment. Whenever Mandy decided to explain her side of the story, the mother kept sighing and nothing else was uttered from her mouth.

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Being overwhelmed from the inappropriate response of the boy’s family, Mandy decided to leave as she missed two stations.

She then posted it online to spread awareness

On her way home, she proceeded to share this occurence on TikTok, which immediately blew up. Yet, many were starting to stalk her and leave nasty comments all over her page.

Some even claimed to be the boy’s family and started to spam her with calls and inappropriate comments on her previous Instagram posts.

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Moreover, they began to drag her profession which is being an OnlyFans creator, into this issue.

M’sian woman sexually harassed by 16yo teen in lrt, gets scolded for 'blaming' a minor by his family | weirdkaya
Screenshot provided to WeirdKaya

This specific person, who is believed to be a relative to the boy, started to spam Mandy’s account with lewd comments.

After the night she posted that she was getting cyberbullied, all the filthy comments were deleted instantly.

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Mandy told WeirdKaya, that she is not willing to lodge a police report as he is a minor, yet she was feeling threatened. Not being able to share the story to her grieving family, Mandy decided to rant and spread awareness online.

Let women live in peace

Instead of applauding her bravery, many were seen bringing her down for her approach online.

“I brought this issue to light, as many women who are being harassed sexually are not standing up for themselves due to this type of horrible people,” she told WeirdKaya.

Mandy expressed her true feelings, mentioning that many women out there need good support in order to attain freedom. If not, as time goes by, women will be used and have no safety around disgusting men like this.


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M’sian woman sexually harassed by 16yo teen in lrt, gets scolded for 'blaming' a minor by his family | weirdkaya
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