M’sian Woman Scammed Of RM70 By Couple Alleged To Be From China At 1 Utama Mall

Be careful.
Even with constant warnings about scammers, people still get caught in their tricky schemes.

Recently, a Malaysian woman revealed she has been scammed RM70 by couple who alleged from China at 1 Utama Shopping mall.

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Following her revelation, few others came forward, recounting how they too were tricked by the same individuals using a similar approach.

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M’sian scammed by foreigners

Taking to her Xiaohongshu account, 小五, the Malaysian woman shared the details of her scamming experience.

She recounted that after having dinner with her friend and heading towards the parking lot, they were approached by a couple calling out to them.

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The couple, claiming to be from China, explained they had no cash and relied solely on Alipay for payments.

“They said they’d appreciate finding a restaurant that accepted Alipay,” she wrote.

Furthermore, they shared their predicament of their friend booking the wrong flight, leaving them without dinner or money for a taxi.

Despite assurances of repayment the next day, the woman gave them RM70 out of sympathy.

“Though I hadn’t planned to dine with them, I pitied their situation and offered them 70 ringgit,” she explained.

The OP becomes suspicious

After handing over RM70, the man said it wasn’t enough.

“He suggested going to an ATM to withdraw more money, and then he would pay me via Alipay. When I heard this, I realized they were scammers and started sweating.” the OP shared.

She quickly explained that she didn’t have her card with her, but he insisted he had seen her carrying it. Feeling cornered, she lied, claiming it was her husband’s card and she couldn’t use it.

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Despite feeling unsure, the OP tried to get her money back. But they kept making excuses and getting too close, which scared her.

Finally, she decided to walk away quickly. Luckily, she got home safely, though she still felt a bit dizzy from the stress.

“I’ve learned my lesson now”

She shared her story with everyone as a warning to be careful, reminding us all that danger can be found anywhere.

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Other victims came forward

In the comment section, some netizens in online have shared similar experiences they had with the same person.

“I was also scammed by the same person.”

M'sian woman scammed of rm70 by couple alleged to be from china at 1 utama mall
Screenshot via Xiaohongshu/小五

“I also met him on my way to IRT in Bangsar South. He claimed to be Taiwanese, but his accent sounded Chinese. He said he lost money at Genting Highlands and that his friend was flying in tomorrow, asking me where he could catch a bus back to Genting, and pretending to look for a mall to eat without money. He even wanted to see how much money I had in my bank account and asked to borrow from me. When I said I had no money, he left, though he added me on WeChat. I’m not sure what to make of it, afraid it might be another scam.”

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M'sian woman scammed of rm70 by couple alleged to be from china at 1 utama mall | weirdkaya
Screenshot via Xiaohongshu/小五

To all readers, remember to stay alert and cautious when dealing with strangers, especially when it comes to money or sharing personal details.


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