M’sian Woman Retrieves Missing Luggage At Airport After 3-Hour Search, Finds It Severely Destroyed

They suffered a total loss of around RM5,000.

A distressing incident involving tampered luggage has left a Malaysian family grappling with significant emotional and financial distress.

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Norlisa, the affected passenger, has publicly demanded accountability from the local airline she took, following her family’s recent trip from Jakarta, Indonesia to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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Damaged Luggage

According to Norlisa’s Facebook post, the ordeal began at Jakarta Airport on April 28, where the family checked in eight pieces of luggage, including three oversized items marked as fragile and containing archery equipment.

Luggage checking in jakarta
Image via FB/Norishah Jaafar Full

Despite these precautions, they arrived in Kuala Lumpur to find their belongings in disarray and significantly damaged, including the archery tools valued at approximately RM5,000.

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The flight, originally scheduled to depart at 6:50 PM, was delayed, taking off at 8:10 PM with fewer than 70 passengers aboard.

Upon arrival at Kuala Lumpur International Airport around 11:20 PM, the family proceeded to the luggage collection area only to find six of their bags and a plastic package, while two other luggage were missing.

“Check the luggage area yourself.”

Norlisa recounts the frustration of dealing with airport staff who seemed indifferent to their situation when trying to find the two missing bags.

“They raised their voices, telling me to check the oversized luggage area myself,” she explained.

After more searching and questioning, the couple managed to recover one bow case after waiting for more than 2hours, but the other remained missing.

Exacerbating their plight, Norlisa’s 10-year-old daughter, Karisya, was devastated to learn that her archery equipment was irrevocably damaged.

Archer equipment
Image via FB/Norishah Jaafar Full

“She held onto hope that not everything was ruined,” Norlisa shared,

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“but when I told her everything was damaged, she couldn’t hold back her tears.”

No response yet

As of noon on April 29, the family had yet to receive a direct response from the airline, although an email confirmed receipt of their complaint at 3:02 AM.

In her post, Norlisa tagged the airline, urging for a prompt resolution.

The affected family now awaits further communication from the airline, hoping for not just compensation, but also a more caring approach to customer service in the future.

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