M’sian DJ Slams Local Airline For Not Handing Over Her Luggage After 2 Days

Still nowhere to be found.
A Malaysian DJ took to Facebook to voice her frustrations after her luggage was delayed for more than two days on a local airline flight.

The incident, which has caught the attention of numerous followers, highlights ongoing issues with baggage handling by the airline.

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First experience

Cheryl Lee Xin Yi, a DJ from 8 FM, travelled to Nepal to attend the traditional wedding of her close friend and former 988 DJ, May Lau, who had married her Nepalese husband days earlier.

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Attended a wedding of her friend
Image via FB/Cheryl Lee Xin Yi ( 李欣怡 )

She detailed in her FB post that it was her first trip to Nepal, which was also her first experience flying that particular airline and her first time experiencing a luggage delay.

According to Cheryl, the airline staff cited safety concerns related to the aircraft’s runway as the reason for the delay.

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“For safety reasons, such a decision is certainly correct. However, it was later found out that such incidents seem to occur frequently with the airline,” she wrote.

She further commented on discovering that delayed luggage is a common issue with the local airline, as a friend who flew a day later encountered the same problem.

“This raises a big question about the management practices of the airline,” Cheryl expressed.

Due to luggage policy?

She questioned whether the airline’s generous 35 kg luggage allowance might be contributing to frequent operational delays, suggesting that the problem might extend beyond safety concerns.

Luggage check in
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The incident contrasts sharply with the experiences of travellers on other airlines such as Malaysia Airlines (MAS), where such issues were reportedly absent.

Cheryl shared that during the ordeal, airline personnel assured her that the luggage would arrive within 24 hours, a promise that was not kept as she waited over two days.

As of now, the local airline has not yet provided a formal response to the incident.

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