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M’sian Woman Receives New Bezza, Only To Have It Crushed By A Tree Nearly 2 Months Later

Good thing never last...
A new car owner was left in tears after her recently acquired vehicle was crushed by an uprooted tree, just 53 days after purchase.

The owner’s sister shared a video on TikTok, capturing the heartbreaking incident and the emotional aftermath.

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Excited to receive first car

Showing the new car
Image via TikTok/ @sitiaimy
Sister smiling after getting new car
Image via TikTok/ @sitiaimy

In the video, the sisters are seen unboxing the new car with great excitement.

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They marveled at the various features of the vehicle, their enthusiasm palpable even through the screen.

The video captures their genuine joy as they explore their new ride together.

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Short-lived joy

However, their joy was short-lived. A sudden storm in the city uprooted a large tree, which fell directly on their parked car, causing significant damage.

The unexpected turn of events left the sisters in shock and despair.

“My sister had just got her new car 53 days ago, and now it’s been ‘attacked’ by the storm…” the sister lamented in the video.

Car hit new bezza
Image via TikTok/ @sitiaimy

Not cover by insurance

Speaking to WeirdKaya, the netizen who posted the video clarified that the car owner is her sister, and she was the one speaking in the video.

She explained that after the tree fell onto her sister’s car, they had to wait for several people to cut it down and remove it before the tow truck could take the car away.

“Although we had car insurance, it did not include special perils coverage, which protects against natural disasters,” she shared.

However, the School Officials of the University of Malaya informed them that the university would be responsible for the incident.

“The staff were very nice and helpful in guiding us, so we’re very appreciative of that. But since it’s still in the process, we don’t know the total amount of the damages yet,” she added.

Netizens’ reaction

The video quickly gained attention, amassing nearly 890,000 views within just two days.

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Viewers flooded the comments with funny remark, speaking from the tree POV.

🌳:“Standing for too long makes me want to lie down.”

Stood too long
Image via TikTok/ @sitiaimy

🌳:“Why does this pillow feel Bezza (different)?”

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Tree feeling its pillow
Image via TikTok/ @sitiaimy

🌳:“Comfortable laying on a new car.”

Tree want to lay down
Image via TikTok/ @sitiaimy

Watch the full video here:


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