‘Identity Crisis’ – EV Car Found Sporting Myvi Logo Along The PLUS Highway

Everyone wants to be the King.
A high-end electric vehicle (EV) was seen amidst traffic on the PLUS Highway, turning heads and sparking conversations by bearing the name of Malaysia’s popular ‘king of the car,’ Myvi, at its back.

The sighting was posted to a Facebook group with the caption stating “Identity Crisis,” indicating the EV car might be experiencing one.

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Bearing the “King’s name”

The BYD Seal EV, typically recognized for its modern design and electric technology, stood out more than usual due to its unique modifications.

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Ev with myvi logo
Image via FB/Malaysian Electric Vehicle Owners Club

The vehicle was customized in a light blue color and featured a prominent spoiler.

However, the most notable alteration was the Myvi tag displayed at the back.

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Netizen’s reaction

This unusual sighting was quickly shared on Facebook, where it ignited a lively discussion among car enthusiasts and commuters.

Many were intrigued by the combination of the high-end EV and the Myvi nameplate.

Huge myvi
Myvi sedan

“King is King”

King is king

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