M’sian Woman Not Given Half-Day MC Even After Fainting At Work

She also said that she vomited on a regular basis due to stress.
On Wednesday (May 1), the whole world celebrated Labour Day, a day that’s dedicated to recognising and highlighting the sacrifices and contributions of workers across diverse fields.

Unfortunately, not every employee is exactly happy with their work environment due to intensive pressure, toxic colleagues, and unreasonable bosses.

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Pushed to the brink

On Labour Day itself, a doctor named Ahmad Samhan shared on Facebook a distressing encounter he had with a woman who walked into his clinic and immediately asked for two days of medical leave (MC).

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Doctor attending to patient
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Noticing that she had a weak posture, slouched shoulders, and dark circles under her eyes, Dr Ahmad inquired what was wrong, to which she replied with tears in her eyes:

I’m tired, doctor.

The woman, who was in her 30s and a mother of two kids, then went on to reveal that she was the only staff at the company for five years.

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As a result, she had to be responsible for multiple tasks such as administrative duties, accounting, and personal assistant tasks.

Woman tired from work
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Due to the crushing workload, the woman confessed she would vomit every morning and be unable to eat.

M’sian woman not given half-day MC despite fainting

To make matters worse, the woman revealed that there was one occasion where she passed out at the workplace, but no one noticed.

When she regained consciousness and requested for a half-day MC, it was allegedly rejected and she had to continue with her work.

While she said she no longer vomits as much, the woman added that she still finds it hard to sleep at night and feels weak.

Woman unable to sleep
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‘Please resign for your health’s sake’

Upon hearing her story, Dr Ahmad told her that she was suffering immensely from physical and mental fatigue, adding that she needed lots of rest.

He also gave her this piece of advice:

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Ask yourself, do you want to be in the same place five or 10 years from now? Please consider changing jobs for your own sake.

Woman resigns from her job
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Dr Ahmad then turned his attention to the employers, urging them to be more mindful of their workers’ wellbeing.

“Every employer needs to be sensitive to the mental health needs of their workers and give them time to rest. As for the employees, please don’t feel shy from from being open and communicating your struggles to your bosses,” he wrote.

Read the post here:

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