M’sian Woman Nearly Hit By Shopping Trolley Thrown From Bangsar Apartment

Throwing things indiscriminately is an uncivil and dangerous thing to do as there’s no telling whether someone might get hurt from the objects being thrown out.

A woman in Bangsar had a close shave after a shopping trolley was tossed by an apartment resident, where it landed on a motorcycle instead of her head.

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M’sian woman nearly hit by shopping trolley thrown from apartment

According to NST, the incident took place at Block 90 of the Putra Ria Apartment last Saturday (May 25).

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Trolley thrown from putra ria apartment, bangsar
Photo via NST

A resident named Mohd Kusairi Ishak told the English daily that the incident occurred at around 5pm when he was at work.

He added that he was informed by eyewitnesses that the woman was buying yong tau foo at a stall near where his motorcycle was parked.

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Because of my motorcycle, she couldn’t stand there waiting for the food. Luckily, the trolley hit my motorcycle instead of her. It’s terrifying to think what could have happened if that trolley had hit her.”

Believes an adult did it

Kusairi said that he suspects an adult had thrown the shopping trolley, with some claiming that it was tossed from the apartment’s 10th floor. However, there was no proof to validate this.

Motorcycle damaged by trolley
Photo via NST

The 50-year-old also added that this wasn’t the first time rubbish had been disposed of irresponsibly.

“The habit of throwing junk or rubbish has not been stamped out and actions could not be taken because the difficulty in identifying the culprits.

“I hope the residents or tenants will stop this dangerous and irresponsible habit. It could have killed someone,” he said.

Back in January 2018, a 15-year-old was killed after a chair was thrown off from a low-cost apartment in Pantai Dalam landed right on top of him.


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