Car Windscreen Gets Smashed After Rubbish Was Thrown From Penang Flat

Everyone is responsible for ensuring the general cleanliness and hygiene of public places, but yet there are those who simply couldn’t be bothered to do so.

Two young men were horrified to see their car’s windscreen shattered after an irresponsible individual threw a plastic bag full of rubbish straight out from a flat in Penang.

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Car windscreen gets smashed by rubbish thrown from flat

In a close to 1-minute clip shared on TikTok by @ridhwan832, it begins with him zooming the camera towards a pink plastic bag filled with rubbish and a shattered car windscreen.

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Car windscreen damaged by rubbish
Screenshot via TikTok/@ridhwan832

While it’s not known what was inside the plastic bag, it must have contained heavy objects and thrown with enough force to cause the car’s windscreen to crack and cave inwards.

Remnants of the rubbish could also be seen splattered all across the car bonnet.

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Rubbish splattered across car in penang
Screenshot via TikTok/@ridhwan832

The camera then pans towards a building, where the words ‘No. 8 Kompleks Pulau Mutiara’ was emblazoned right across it. A Google search revealed that the building’s located along Gat Lebuh Macallum in Penang.

As for the car owners, all they could do was look on in despair at their damaged car and file a police report.

In the clip, the OP urged the authorities to take action as this wasn’t the first time such incidents have occurred.

‘All talk, no action’

The video was later shared to the Facebook page Penang Press, where netizens lamented that this wasn’t an isolated incident.

‘Someone once threw a gas canister at Pacific (in Perai) and it fell downwards. Fortunately no one got hit.’

Car windscreen gets smashed after rubbish was thrown from penang flat comment 1
Screenshot via Penang Press

‘Sri Saujana at Gat Macallum also had the same case. I complained to the YB but he ignored me.’

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Car windscreen gets smashed after rubbish was thrown from penang flat comment 2
Screenshot via Penang Press

Meanwhile, one suggested that the forensic team lift fingerprints from the plastic bag so that police could identify those behind the indiscriminate littering.

Car windscreen gets smashed after rubbish was thrown from penang flat comment 3
Screenshot via Penang Press

Watch the clip here:

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