M’sian Woman Moved To See All Races Unite In Pushing Broken Down Car 

True Malaysian spirit.
Malaysia is a country filled with diversity, and its people are famous for their kindness when they see someone in need by the road.

Recently, a woman shared how people from various ethnic backgrounds came together to help push a stalled vehicle to the side of the road to avoid disrupting traffic.

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The incident was captured by a local resident who was waiting for her grandson near Taman Shatin around 5 PM, which she later shared with Sin Chew Daily.

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The touching scene

One car’s driver, an Indian man, looked completely overwhelmed when his vehicle broke down.

Quickly, a Chinese man stepped forward to assist, and he was soon joined by two Malay and another Indian passerby from a nearby truck.

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M'sian woman moved to see all races unite in pushing broken down car  | weirdkaya
Photo from Sin Chew Daily

Moved by the scene, the woman took out her phone and recorded the moment, showcasing the unity and cooperative spirit among Malaysia’s diverse communities.


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