M’sian Man Saves Over RM100,000 During Working Holiday In Australia Within 1 Year

All his work involved mostly tough, undesirable jobs that locals shunned.
How much can a regular 9-5 working adult in Malaysia save? Perhaps not as much as one intrepid Malaysian man who managed to stash away over RM100,000 during a working holiday in Australia, averaging RM2,000 each week!

One ambitious traveler, known as “Mr. H,” shared his journey on XiaoHongShu, revealing how he amassed RM105,000 over his year-long adventure.

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He spent 47 weeks working, three weeks job hunting, and two weeks exploring Australia.

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M'sian man saves over rm100,000 during working holiday in australia within 1 year | weirdkaya
Photo from xiaohongshu

Mr. H detailed his experience working in two different meat processing plants.

“At the first job, I made a net weekly salary of AUD 1,000 (about RM3,136) for 38 weeks, and at the second, I earned AUD 1,500 (about RM4,704) per week for 53 weeks,” he posted.

Despite his weekly expenses averaging around AUD 600 (approximately RM1,881), he consistently saved about AUD 700 (around RM2,195) each week.

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He stressed that all his work was legal, tax-paying, and under a work-holiday visa, mostly involving tough, undesirable jobs that locals shun but with excellent working conditions.

Despite the grueling nature of the work, Mr. H found it incredibly rewarding, especially when comparing the savings potential to working in Malaysia.

Responding to inquiries in the comments, he noted that the prerequisites for such a working holiday include a bachelor’s degree and an initial fund of AUD 5,000 (about RM15,681).


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