M’sian Woman Marries Fiancé’s Brother After He Died Due To Drowning

She became acquainted with her husband after her fiancé's death.
Fate often has a strange way of bringing people together, where romance can grow and blossom into a relationship between two individuals even in the midst of great loss.

A woman who lost her fiancé to a tragedy found solace and eventually love in her fiancé’s older brother, leading to their betrothal last month.

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M'sian woman marries fiancé's brother after he died due to drowning
Photo via FB/Lobak Merah

M’sian woman marries fiancé’s brother

Harian Metro reported that the woman, 24-year-old Nur Malina Mohd Rozani, was supposed to get married on June 30 to her then-fiancé, 28-year-old Shahrizuan Shukri.

Sadly, the marriage never materialised after Shahrizuan drowned in a river at Sungai Pasir Pekan, Kelantan, on May 25.

Shahrizuan shukri
Photo via Harian Metro

Speaking to the Malay daily, Nur Malina, who works as a kindergarten teacher, said she was betrothed to Shahrizuan’s older brother Shahron Shukri on Sept 8 and only began the relationship after marriage.

After my fiancé passed away, his parents didn’t want me to be all alone, so they decided to matchmake me with his brother. Coincidentally, he was the only one among the siblings who was still single.

“It’s a beautiful journey of love because everything was by God’s will, and it happened so quickly. It’s a destiny we never expected,” she said.

Got to know future husband after fiancé’s death

Nur Malina added that she only became acquainted with her husband Shahron following her fiancé’s death.

M'sian woman marries fiancé's brother after he died due to drowning
Photo via Harian Metro

“At that time, I was surprised because I only got to know him after my fiancé was gone. Before that, I only knew his name and the story about him being similar with my late fiancé.

“God is truly the best planner. For your info, my husband is the only one who truly resembles my late fiancé among his siblings. Even their names sound similar,” she noted.

Nur Malina said that although it was difficult for her at the beginning, she expressed her faith that God would ease everything for her.

M'sian woman marries fiancé's brother after he died due to drowning
Photo via FB/Lobak Merah

“I don’t want to live with my husband while constantly picturing my late fiancé’s face. I accept him as he is.

Alhamdulillah, I feel contented, at peace, and everything is good. My memories with my late fiancé have come to an end and now I have a life with my beloved husband,” she said.”

We wish the couple a happy and everlasting marriage ahead!


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