M’sian Woman Looking For Rental Room Gets Message From Man Asking For Sex

The man later claimed his Facebook account got hacked.
Social media has long served to be a great tool for people to connect, land a job, or find a place to stay. However, it is also a place where sexual predators lurk in the shadows.

A woman recently took to Facebook to share how she received a message from a man who offered help in finding her a place to stay, along with a repulsive request.

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Looked over more than 40 houses

In a now-viral Facebook post, the woman, Shimalaa Sanmuggam wrote that she had been looking for place to rent in Terengganu for the past two weeks but was met with the same answer.

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I’ve approached over 40 houses, and the only response I received was, ‘Sorry, no rentals for non-Muslims.’

She then turned to the Facebook page ‘Warga Setiu’ and made contact with a man, who told her that he would assist her in finding a place.

‘Can I have sex with you?’

However, things then took a strange turn when the man said that he wanted something in return for his assistance, adding that it wasn’t money.

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To Shimalaa’s shock, the man then revealed that he wanted to do “what couples do after marriage” and asked her whether he could do so.

Netizens condemn man’s revolting request

The post has since garnered close to 5,000 reactions as well as hundreds of comments from netizens who slammed the man’s lewd request.

Some apologsied to Shimalaa, saying that the man’s actions had disgraced the teaching of Islam and doesn’t represent Muslims.

M’sian woman looking for rental room gets message from man asking for sex comment 1
Screenshot via FB/Shimalaa Sanmuggam
M’sian woman looking for rental room gets message from man asking for sex comment 2
Screenshot via FB/Shimalaa Sanmuggam

Others encouraged her to lodge a police report over the sexual harassment.

M’sian woman looking for rental room gets message from man asking for sex comment 3
Screenshot via FB/Shimalaa Sanmuggam

‘My account got hacked’

Not long after, the man presented his side of the story, saying that he wasn’t the one who sent those disgusting messages.

In a post he wrote in ‘Warga Setiu’, he claimed that his Facebook account got hacked and couldn’t log into his account.

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“I swear on my wife and kids that I did not do this disgusting act. Maybe God is trying to test me, and I apologise for the inconveniences caused under my name. I will try to deactivate my account as soon as possible,” he wrote.

Special thanks to Shimalaa for allowing us to write about her experience.


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