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M’sian Woman Left Shaken After Metal Pole Pierces Right Through Her Car Windshield

She told WeirdKaya that she escaped uninjured from the mishap.
In life, we’re bound to have our share of fender benders while driving on the road through our own faults or others.

For one woman, it nearly came to a deadly conclusion after a metal pole flew right off the back of a lorry and pierced right through her windshield, which deeply frightened her.

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Metal pole falls off from lorry and pierces through windshield

In a tweet shared by Fatiha on Monday (May 15), she wrote that she was driving along the New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE) Highway, where there was a lorry which didn’t tie its tarp cover properly.

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Out of nowhere, a metal pole came flying off the back of the lorry and lunged toward her direction, where it pierced right through the windshield on the front passenger’s side.

According to Fatiha, the incident occurred at around 6.40pm to 6.45pm between the Damansara exit toll at the NKVE Highway leading towards the Subang Jaya exit toll.

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Unfortunately, her car wasn’t equipped with a dashcam, thus rendering her unable to track down the lorry responsible for the mishap.

‘I’m lucky to be alive’

The tweet, which garnered more than 480,000 views, saw netizens expressing fear over the incident which could have taken a deadly turn.

“WTF it’s almost like Final Destination.”

M'sian woman left shaken after metal pole pierces right through her car windshield comment 1
Screenshot via Twitter/@btsvtboys

“That’s really scary, hope you will manage to find the culprit!”

M'sian woman left shaken after metal pole pierces right through her car windshield comment 2
Screenshot via Twitter/@btsvtboys

Another urged Fatiha to lodge a report with the police and highway owner, adding that the lorry can be tracked down with CCTVs placed at each point of exit and entry.

M'sian woman left shaken after metal pole pierces right through her car windshield comment 3
Screenshot via Twitter/@btsvtboys
Speaking to WeirdKaya, Fatiha said she was driving alone back home from work when the incident took place.

She also said that while a police report has been lodged and she was directed to file a claim on PLUS Highway’s website, police were unable to help her with her request to retrieve CCTV footage of the incident, giving her the impression that they were “just passing her around”.

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Unfortunately for her, the mishap has also left her RM400 poorer as it’s not covered by insurance.

“I’m left with a RM400 debt for this month so not a good month for me I suppose. Nonetheless, I’m still lucky to be alive,” she said.

We’re glad that Fatiha wasn’t injured by the incident and we hope the authorities will track down the lorry driver soon!

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Back in January of this year, a woman also experienced a similar incident while driving on the PLUS Highway:

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