“Final Destination Vibes” — M’sian Woman Cheats Death After Metal Rod Pierces Through Windshield

"I thought I would die."
A woman escaped death by the skin of her teeth after a metal rod fell off from a lorry and pierced right through her windshield.

Metal rod falls off lorry and pierces through windshield

In a Facebook post by Cass Cheng, she wrote that the horrifying accident occurred on Friday (Jan 13) at 1.42pm along the PLUS highway.

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However, as she was driving a few metres behind a lorry, a metal rod suddenly came hurling towards her car and pierced right through the windshield.

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Metal rod falls off lorry along the plus highway
Screenshot via FB/Cass Cheng

‘I thought I would die’

Needless to say, Cass was deeply shaken by the harrowing experience and wrote that she thought her life would end there and then.

It does look like the scene in Final Destination but it’s not, I thought I would die and my dogs were with me, they might die too. Luckily, I was driving slowly.

Metal rod pierces through windshield
Photo via FB/Cass Cheng

Unfortunately, she was unable to track down the lorry driver as her dashcam didn’t manage to capture the number plate.

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Appealing for witnesses

Cass later told a social news website that she has lodged a police report over the incident and is calling for witnesses to step forward and help her in identifying the lorry’s number plate.

As for the repairs made to the windshield, she said that it cost her around RM1,000++.
Windshield damaged by metal rod
Photo via FB/Cass Cheng

Watch the clip here:

While we’re glad no one was severely injured by the incident, we hope that the authorities will take sterner action against drivers who transport dangerous items carelessly!

Last December, a man lost his unborn child after debris fell off from a lorry and crashed into the vehicle they were driving in:

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