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M’sian Woman Horrified To Find Dead Cockroach Inside Her Meal At Serdang Kopitiam

The saga of discovering unwelcome surprises in our meals continues, and here’s another one.

Today (May 4), a Malaysian woman who was enjoying her lunch at a kopitiam was left speechless when she discovered a small, dead cockroach in her meal.

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Dead cockroach inside meal
Provided to WeirdKaya

M’sian found dead cockroach in her meal

Speaking exclusively to WeirdKaya, the OP revealed she was eating a plate of Nasi Lemak with some side dishes at her favorite kopitiam located near South City Serdang.

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She was taken aback when she discovered the lifeless cockroach inside stir-fried spinach after having consumed 80% of her meal.

South city building
Provided to WeirdKaya

Upon noticing the unexpected special addition to her dish, her initial reaction was a mix of disgust and frustration.

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“Hmm, to be honest, I’m kinda used to it, but the first moment was still a bit ‘ewww, what the heck, not again,'” she recalled.

She then quickly stopped eating and informed her other friends about the incident.

Dead cockroach
Provided to WeirdKaya

When asked if she notified the staff about the incident, she affirmed that she had, but their response fell short of expectations.

“The staff laughed it off, trying to point to somewhere, but we didn’t understand what she was trying to say,” she said.

Found rat running under the table

Adding to the unsettling incident, the woman disclosed that she had encountered a rat drenched in water running under her table prior to the cockroach incident.

Besides that, the OP claimed that when she reminisced on the incident, she felt nauseous.

This incident is a clear reminder of how crucial it is for food establishments to uphold high hygiene standards.

Have you ever had a similar experience? Share with us in the comment section.

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