M’sian Woman Hides Inside Fast Food Outlet With Family To Escape Public Confrontation After Car Accident In Klang

She claimed they were surrounded by a crowd at the petrol station.

After an accident, a Malaysian car owner urgently called for an ambulance but found themselves surrounded by a crowd, preventing them from reporting the incident at the nearby police station as required.

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Seeking refuge, a family of five took shelter in a fast-food restaurant at a petrol station for approximately half an hour, too afraid to leave before the police arrived.

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According to China Press, this family encountered a daunting situation at a petrol station along Jalan Kapar in Klang on Feb 24 around 11 p.m, turning what should have been a straightforward issue into a harrowing ordeal.

M'sian woman hides inside fast food outlet with family to escape public confrontation after car accident in klang | weirdkaya
Photo via Facebook

The family was travelling from the Jenjarom Dong Zen temple to Alam Perdana when they collided with a motorcyclist who had run a red light.

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Acting responsibly, they stopped at a nearby petrol station to address the situation.

However, the aftermath quickly escalated as they were suddenly surrounded by dozens of people, forcing them to seek refuge inside the station’s fast-food restaurant.

“Who can save us?”

The woman broadcasted their ordeal live, detailing their immediate efforts to summon emergency services after the accident.

During her livestream, the woman expressed her disbelief and fear, noting they had a baby with them, pleading for help, and questioning who could assist them in such a dire situation.

She also emphasized that an ambulance arrived at the scene within six minutes to assist the injured motorcyclist, who was then taken to the hospital.

She clarified that she did not flee the scene and had a dashcam recording of the incident. Despite her evidence, she still feared for her safety.

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Fortunately, with the restaurant manager’s assistance, her family was able to take shelter inside.

Additionally, the woman reported that the crowd attempted to take her dashcam, but she stopped them and decided to wait for the police to handle the situation.

Despite contacting the police four times, the initial response was slow, with officers telling her that the situation was not that serious, with only around 20 people outside the restaurant after reviewing CCTV footage, and they were not assaulted.

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Klang woman hide herself in fastfood store
Photo via Sin Chew Daily

I was so surprised by their response as what I am seeing is around 50 people out there.”

The family’s distress caught the police’s attention, who later escorted the woman and her children home safely while her husband was brought to the Kapar police station for further investigation.

She later posted on Facebook to thank those who helped, “Thank you for everyone’s concern. My children and I have returned home with a police escort, and my husband is currently at the Kapar police station reporting.”

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