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M’sian Woman Shares How She Was Harassed By Man She Met On Dating App

The man claimed to have done the same to other girls he met.

It is quite common to use a dating app to find more new friends or even life partners nowadays.

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However, users need to be more cautious with online dating since the person’s true identity on the other side of the screen can never be completely certain.

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Recently, a Malaysian woman with the username 女神经唔乱发神经 on RED (小红书)shared her terrifying experience of almost being raped by a man she met through a dating app.

In her post, the 36-year-old wrote that the incident happened last Sunday (18 Feb). The man whom she met on a dating app asked her out for a movie and dinner date near Seri Kembangan.

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How kelvin harassed the woman
Photo via RED

Speaking to WeirdKaya, the OP said they had only chatted for two days when the man, known as Kelvin brought up the idea to hang out.

Normally I will only consider hanging out with guys after interacting for at least a week or two, but many people told me it’s a waste of time. It is easier and better to get to know each other face to face. Thus, I agreed since I had free time during CNY break.”

After agreeing to meet, Kelvin offered to pick her up, suggesting it would save her money on ride-hailing services.

I think I look quite safe so I agreed to the lift.”

During their meal and conversation, Kelvin suddenly confessed to the OP and asked if she would be his girlfriend. She was shocked and rejected repeatedly.

After being rejected, Kelvin suggested they could start by getting to know each other better and it wouldn’t matter if they broke up later if things didn’t work out.

However, the OP felt that relationships should not be agreed to lightly and ultimately refused Kelvin’s advances.

After the meal, Kelvin proposed going elsewhere to enjoy the scenery, but the OP refused and told him she wanted to go home.

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However, when they almost arrived at her home, Kelvin parked the car on the roadside, claiming he wanted a longer chat.

Before she could react, Kelvin suddenly unbuckled her seatbelt, forcefully kissed her, and then proceeded to pull at her clothes and suck on her nipples.

Caught off guard, the OP struggled to resist and pushed his face away while shouting no. Fortunately, seeing her strong reluctance, Kelvin stopped, and she was able to escape the danger.

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What chilled her to the bone was that Kelvin showed no remorse afterwards and claimed that this was how things had always been with his previous girlfriends and that these things naturally happen.

This horrifying experience left the OP traumatised, and it took her several days to gather the courage to post about the incident and share Kelvin’s information, hoping to warn others about him and remind everyone not to casually get into a stranger’s car.

Instagram of the man harassing woman
Photo via RED

The OP mentioned in a pinned comment that this person named Kelvin is an interior designer on a sub-contract basis. She added details like he has smoking habits and drives a black Myvi.

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I forgot to see his car plate number as I was rushing to escape,” she wrote.

Details of the man harassing woman
Photo via RED

Her post immediately sparked heated discussions online, with many urging the OP to report to the police.

She initially refused to make a police report due to a lack of evidence. However, after some consideration, she has lodged a police report.

Police report to kelvin
Photo provided to WeirdKaya

The OP told WeirdKaya that she had given all the information she had to the police. The police checked the intention of her report as to whether she just wanted it to serve for filing or to initiate an arrest.

If it’s for the latter, besides going to court, actual evidence is needed… such as saliva, or whether the vehicle was captured by CCTV at the time of the crime… So, it should have been reported immediately that night.”

Some netizens attempted to DuitNow Kelvin’s mobile number, but it was shown to be unregistered.

More Victims Reached Out

The OP contacted WeirdKaya after the article was published as more victims reached out to her following her post. Some of them were scammed up to RM15K, some slept with the man and were declared as his girlfriend after that and asked for money.

Based on the OP’s summary of the victims’ statements, this person’s habitual tactic is as follows: Initially, he expresses a keen interest in getting to know the woman, suggesting meeting up for a meal to become acquainted.

Later, he’ll pretend to be very busy and then claim to have an urgent matter that requires some money, asking for a transfer (to an account that isn’t his). Alternatively, he sweet-talks women, and many who are romantically inclined end up sleeping with him.

“He frequently claims to be an interior designer (subcontractor, etc.), having recently returned from Singapore, which is why he doesn’t use online banking and prefers dealing in cash.”

Let’s all take a moment to remind ourselves about the importance of safety when meeting someone new from the internet. Opt for bustling public places for first dates, ensuring help is close if needed. Keep loved ones in the loop with quick updates.

**Special thanks to OP for sharing her story.

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