M’sian Woman Grateful To See Alam Flora Staff Stop To Help Change Her Tyre Along The Highway

"I waved for 10 minutes and not a single car stopped to help."
In the blazing heat, three sanitation workers from Alam Flora became unsung heroes when they stopped to help a woman change her flat tire, showcasing the best of a compassionate and united community.

The woman, stranded on the highway with her burst tire, felt overlooked by other motorists who passed by without stopping, despite her attempts to flag someone down for help.

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In a post on Facebook, she recounted how, under the glaring sun, she felt a wave of despair as each car sped past her.

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Just when all hope seemed lost, the Alam Flora crew came to the rescue.

They slowed down, rolled down the window to check on her, and unlike others, they didn’t drive away.

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“One of the them got out of the car and asked me what was wrong with my vehicle. He called over his colleagues to help me. They changed my tire under the scorching sun, and before they left, they reminded me to drive carefully.”

M'sian woman grateful to see alam flora staff stop to help change her tyre along the highway | weirdkaya
Photo from Facebook

They got out of their truck and jumped into action.

With patience and teamwork, the three workers changed the tire in the heat.

The woman was deeply touched by their kindness, especially since they were already off the clock but still chose to help out.


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