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M’sian Woman Gets Toy Steering Wheel From BF To Have A ‘Feel’ Of Driving In KL

"I've renewed the license twice already but haven't used it at all."
A woman, who obtained her driving license eight years ago, rarely drives and feels apprehensive about navigating the busy roads of Kuala Lumpur.

In a light-hearted video, her considerate boyfriend bought her a toy steering wheel to ‘practice’ driving while she sat in the passenger seat.

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In the video, her excitement is palpable when she receives the toy steering wheel from her boyfriend.

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You can see her screaming with joy, followed by scenes of her practicing driving with the toy steering wheel while sitting in the passenger seat as her boyfriend drives.

Speaking to WeirdKaya, she shared that it all started when she sent him a video of that toy as a joke.

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“But I didn’t think he literally would bought it for me. It felt warm to have a partner that pays attention to the little things we say.”

Other than this simple, cute gift, her boyfriend has been practically trying to help Hanarri overcome the fear of driving on busy roads.

“He’s been encouraging me to drive because he’s afraid that I might forgot how to drive.”

“I studied in Kedah before, and the roads were clearly easy and never busy. Now and then, he’ll pass his wheels to me, but I just don’t dare to scratch his car. It’s his baby.”

To her, in Kuala Lumpur, where public transport and ride-hailing options are plentiful, choosing not to drive can be a practical and efficient lifestyle choice.

“Despite some societal judgment for not owning a car or driving rarely, embracing alternative transportation can offer peace and practical benefits,” she added.


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