M’sian Woman Gets Judged For Taking Grab To Work Instead Of A Car

'Stop looking down on me for not having a car.'
In the transition into adulthood, there’s often a checklist of essentials deemed necessary for a comfortable life: a stable living situation, a steady job, and reliable transportation. Traditionally, owning a car has been a cornerstone of this checklist

But things are changing. More and more young people are saying you don’t need a car to be successful. They’re finding new ways to get around that work better for them.

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M’sian woman gets judged for taking Grab to work

Woman in ride-hailing car
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In a thought-provoking discussion on X platform, one woman offers a fresh take on transportation priorities.

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She argues that while having a vehicle undoubtedly offers convenience, it may not necessarily be the most practical or cost-effective option for everyone.

“Some told me it’s smarter to buy your own car if you use ride-hailing every day. But I disagree. When you ride-hail, you can just sit back and relax, which I find way better.”

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The benefits of using ride-hailing, according to her

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For this woman, who prefers the flexibility and convenience of ride-hailing services, owning a car isn’t a priority.

She says using ride-hailing can actually save money in the long term because you don’t have to pay for things like gas, upkeep, and insurance.

Moreover, she points out the lifestyle benefits of ride-hailing.

As a frequent passenger, she relishes the opportunity to relax during her commutes, whether it’s catching up on sleep or attending to important tasks. This contrasts with the stress and hassle often associated with driving, particularly in congested urban areas.

“I don’t have to worry about driving; I can sleep or deal with important stuff while someone else drives. Plus, I don’t have to think about gas, maintenance, or anything like that.”

Single and work from home opportunities

Typing on a laptop
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Her lifestyle choices also play a significant role in her decision.

As someone who predominantly works from home and doesn’t have frequent long-distance travel needs, the need for personal vehicle ownership diminishes further.

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“I’m not the type who travels far often; my parents live in the city, and I don’t need to go back to the hometown. I also have a lot of work-from-home opportunities. Rarely go out unless necessary.”

Additionally, being single with no immediate plans for marriage or starting a family means that the demands for personal transportation are even less pressing.

“I’m single and not thinking about getting married yet. That’s why I don’t think having my own car is worth it,” she says, explaining why she feels that way.

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Some mock me for not having a car

Grab driver
For illustration purposes only. Photo via Grab-Car

However, her decision to prioritise ride-hailing over car ownership hasn’t gone unnoticed.

She acknowledges facing criticism and judgment from some peers who view her choice with skepticism.

“I’m giving this explanation because some people subtly mock me for not having a car.

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To those people, just take a look at yourselves; your parents even lend you a car, yet you look down on me.”

But she believes in what she’s doing and sticks to it, saying it fits her lifestyle and what she believes in.

“No need to question my principles; I’ll only have a car if the company gives me one, and even then, I won’t drive myself—I’ll ask someone else. Time is valuable, and I’m focused on my career; driving myself just wastes time in traffic.”

“In the end, using ride-hailing is like having a personal driver without the hassle of car maintenance,” she concludes.

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