M’sian Couple Earning RM8k Monthly Gets Judged For Owning An Axia 

Ignore the naysayers. After all, those who judge aren't paying your bills or securing your future.
The old saying, “cut your coat according to your cloth,” encourages us to spend within our means. This wisdom is especially crucial for young married couples who find that understanding and complementing each other’s spending habits can be the key to a happy home.

Consider one couple, childless and content, who live simply yet face unwarranted scrutiny over their modest choices, like their car—a Perodua Axia.

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Both 26 and earning a respectable RM4,000 each, they lead a modest lifestyle, according to mStar.

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On social media, the woman expresses her frustration, noting the unwarranted judgment they face because of their economic car choice.

“Many look down on my husband for driving an Axia,” she shares.

M'sian couple earning rm8k monthly gets judged for owning an axia  | weirdkaya
Photo by WeirdKaya

“Ignore the naysayers”

Her husband, always the voice of reason, reminds her to remain grateful for what they have.

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Despite their combined income of around RM8,000, they choose not to splurge on a flashy car.

This decision has sparked unkind gossip, yet her husband continues to stress the importance of gratitude and contentment.

“It’s sad how others view us, though we could afford a bigger car,” she confesses, disappointed by the superficial judgments.

Feedback from their online community echoes a similar sentiment, highlighting that their earnings are modest for city living and stressing the importance of not letting others dictate one’s happiness.

Many advise the couple to focus on their own happiness and live within their means.


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