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M’sian Woman Finds Caterpillar Inside Zhap Fan Bought In Seri Kembangan

Whenever we eat out, the last thing we would want is to see foreign objects in the form of insects, debris, or worse still, traces of human bodily fluids inside. Yes, that has happened before!

A Malaysian woman recently shared with WeirdKaya an unfortunate and disgusting discovery she made while having her lunch today, where she found a dead caterpillar right inside her zhap fan (mixed rice) meal.

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M’sian woman finds caterpillar inside zhap fan

Speaking in an exclusive interview, the woman who wished to be known as J, said her dad bought her zhap fan for lunch at 1.30pm today.

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Caterpillar in zhap fan
Provided to WeirdKaya

He bought it from a stall located at Seri Kembangan for RM8.50. While I was eating halfway into the meal, I saw a dead caterpillar right on top of the vegetables.

“Thankfully, I discovered the caterpillar before biting into it, or else I cannot imagine how disgusting it would be,” she said.

Interestingly, J told WeirdKaya that she actually continued eating the zhap fan even after the caterpillar incident, saying that it was just one insect.

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She also joked that she had a penchant for “getting meals with insects way too often”.

Dead caterpillar in zhap fan
Provided to WeirdKaya

No plans to lodge a complaint

When asked whether she plans to file a complaint with the zhap fan stall, J said her dad opined that it was probably too late to do so.

“When I told him about the incident, his response was ‘Aiya, it’s too late for that now. Even if you did (complain), they might accuse you of planting the caterpillar’, she said.

Thankfully, J said she hasn’t experienced any side effects from her revolting discovery. However, the same can’t be said for her dad, who’s now worried about swallowing the insect without knowing it.

Dead caterpillar found inside zhap fan
Provided to WeirdKaya

Before digging into your meal, be sure to check for insects or unwanted ‘ingredients’ to avoid falling sick!


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