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M’sian Woman Finally Affords A Family Vacation After Saving Every RM20 Note She Gets For 4 Years

Every little bit helps.

Can you imagine stuffing enough money into your piggy bank to fund a family vacation?For one local woman, this isn’t just a dream, it’s reality, all thanks to the ‘RM20 Saving Method’.

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She recently took to Facebook to share her journey and success, inspiring thousands of others along the way.

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Four years ago, this savvy saver, who didn’t have a particular habit of saving money, came across a concept that caught her attention.

Set aside every RM20 note she got

Intrigued, she shared this with her partner and together, they embarked on this saving adventure.

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The rule was uncomplicated: if they had an RM20 note, and it wasn’t absolutely necessary to spend it, into the savings it went.

M'sian woman finally affords a family vacation after saving every rm20 note she gets for 4 years | weirdkaya
Photo from Facebook

This simple act soon turned into a habit, and before they knew it, their savings had swelled into a five-figure sum!

Speaking to WeirdKaya, she said her initial experience with this saving method was optimistic. “Not at all challenging,” she said.

“The mindset was simply to save when possible. There was no extra effort put into specifically seeking out RM20 notes. They just naturally accumulated whenever we received them as change.”

In today’s era of digital wallets and card payments, she acknowledged there were times when they didn’t have as much physical cash, particularly RM20 notes. But, the habit of using cash alongside e-wallets allowed her to stay committed to the RM20 saving plan.

Even after having saved enough for a much-deserved family vacation planned for this August, she doesn’t plan to stop her savings habit. “It has now become a habit. Whenever there’s an RM20 note, I’ll save it,” she told WeirdKaya.

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Her inspiring story proves that with a simple method and consistent saving, dreams can become reality.

So, are you ready to embark on your saving journey using the RM20 method?

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