“If You’re Dumb, Don’t Be A Rider!” — M’sian Woman Enrages Netizens With Rude Message On Parcel

She later said she was "too emotional" when she wrote the message.
Being a delivery rider is no easy task, where one has to brave both the hot sun and rain in order to make sure parcels are sent right to the customer’s doorstep.

One’s woman remarks on a parcel has made her the subject of scorn online after a photo of it went viral on social media, where she left a disdainful message for the rider.

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Photo via Teleport

“If you’re dumb, don’t be a rider!’

According to the now-viral photo, it showed a parcel where it stated the recipient’s name and address, along with a message that no rider would be happy to read:

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Follow the Maps application. If you’re too dumb to use it, don’t be a rider!

Woman shamed online

Naturally, netizens weren’t too happy with the woman’s unnecessary message and proceeded to exact their kind of justice for the rider who handled her parcel.

They did so by altering the woman’s address on Google Maps as Miskin Adab (poor in manners) and Rumah Bodoh Sombong Dengan Rider (the house of a person who’s arrogant towards delivery riders). Yikes!

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Photo via Facebook

‘I was too emotional’

Shortly after the photo of the parcel went viral, the woman stepped out to offer an apology as well as her side of the story.

In a now-deleted Facebook post, she said that she has been finding ways to apologise and eventually found another rider to help pass the message to the rider she insulted.

She also said that she left the angry message due to past deliveries where the rider sent the parcel to the wrong address.

Photo via Facebook

While my mother is often at home, the parcels are sometimes not received even after it was marked as delivered.

“Please forgive me for not controlling my emotions when typing out the address. I let the mistakes riders made in the past affect me,” she wrote.

The woman also pleaded with netizens to stop their criticism and forgive her, adding that “everyone makes mistakes”.

What do you think of the woman’s apology? Let us know in the comment section!

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