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M’sian Woman Destroys Bank Card She Found To Prevent It From Being Misused

The woman hoped others would do the same if she lost her bank card.
Losing essential items like identity cards (ICs) or bank cards due to our own carelessness is a common occurrence. Whether it’s misplacing them or leaving them behind, the consequences of such mishaps can be severe, especially if the card falls into the wrong hands.

However, a recent viral video on TikTok by @shintyann shed light on a proactive approach to mitigate such risks.

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Woman destroys a bank card to prevent misuse by others

Lost bank card
Screenshot via TikTok/@shintyann

The video, which gained traction on TikTok under the username @shintyann, captured the attention of netizens as it showcased a woman taking decisive action upon finding a lost bank card in the Empire Damansara area.

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In the footage, she expressed her intention to prevent potential misuse of the card by damaging it on the spot.

“For anyone who lost their card in Empire Damansara, don’t worry, I blocked your card now so I’m gonna break this now,” she assured viewers in the video.

Broke the card before tossing it

Lost bank card
Screenshot via TikTok/@shintyann

The woman proceeded to fold the card repeatedly, rendering it non-functional. Despite her initial attempt to dispose of it, she ultimately discarded the card in a trash bin to ensure it couldn’t be salvaged by others.

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Explaining her actions, the woman revealed that while her initial inclination was to ignore the card and continue on her way, she chose to intervene with the hope that others would reciprocate such considerate behaviour if they found themselves in a similar situation.

There are 2 possible options

Speaking to WeirdKaya, Tyan, the woman behind the viral video, she shared her emotional journey upon discovering the lost bank card. Tyan described the moment as a Tuesday evening after work when she stumbled upon the card while walking towards the car park.

Despite being in a hurry to drive home, she couldn’t shake off the responsibility she felt upon finding the card.

In her own words, ‘I wanted to just ignore it and drive home because I was in a hurry. But I knew that I wouldn’t be able to sit right if I didn’t do something about it knowing I had the power to do so.’

Tyan outlined her thought process, weighing two options: either bringing the card to the nearest CIMB branch to report the finding or calling the centre to block the card to prevent any potential misuse.

Ultimately, she chose the latter option, prioritising her safety and avoiding any potential complications that could arise if she were to hold onto the card during any unauthorised transactions.

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No one claims it is theirs

Regarding whether she was contacted by the owner of the lost bank card after the video went viral, Tyan responded, ‘No.’

She clarified that while many individuals claimed ownership of the card in the comment section, no one officially reached out to her to claim it via direct messages or any other means.

“Lots of people claimed that is theirs in the comment section, but those are just people messing around. No one officially came to me (so far) and claim their card.”

‘One thing I could’ve done better – breaking the card and chip properly

Reflecting on the handling of the situation in hindsight, Tyan affirmed that she would still opt to call the CIMB centre to block the card as the safest option for both herself and the card’s owner.

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However, she acknowledged one aspect she could have improved upon – properly breaking the card and chip. Despite not having the necessary tools at the time, she expressed regret at not following through with the recommended steps.

“I would still choose to do the same, calling CIMB centre to block the card first. As I still think it’s the safest option, not just for me but also the owner of the card. But one thing I could’ve done better – breaking the card and chip properly!! I was told to cut and break it, but i didn’t have any tools to make that happen.”

She also mentioned that she informed someone about this limitation, and they reassured her that the card was officially deactivated, with the cutting part serving as a final step to ensure its complete deactivation

Other suggestions for disabling the card

The video sparked a wave of positive reactions from social media users, with many commending the woman for her proactive stance in safeguarding the card from potential exploitation.

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Lots of people had ideas about what she should do next. Some said she should scratch or cut the card’s chip to make it completely useless.

Netizen comment
Screenshot via TikTok/@shintyann

One wrote: “To anyone that found someone’s lost card, you need to break the card by snapping the chip in half.”

Netizen comment
Screenshot via TikTok/@shintyann

Another commented: “You supposed to break the chip.”

Watch the full clip here:


i promise i didn’t buy like 10x PS5 before calling CS to block the card 👀


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