M’sian Couple Robbed In Paris By Thief Who Steals Their Valuables & Splurges On McDonald’s With Their Credit Card

Unexpected realities in the city of love.
What started off as this super dreamy Paris vacay for a Malaysian couple ended up flipping the script big time, turning into a total unexpected nightmare.

Recently, a Malaysian couple became victims of a bold thief, discovering that their valuable items had been stolen during their stay at a hotel in Paris.

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Recounting his unfortunate experience on Xiaohongshu, AllenTee@艾倫弟 shares the details of the moment, describing his devastating encounter, and also conveys his dissatisfaction with the hotel management and authorities.

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When the couple returned to their room, they were shocked to discover the heart-wrenching scene of all four suitcases ruthlessly cut open, with their valuables mercilessly stolen.

The thief not only stole their stuff but took it up a notch by using their credit card to buy things, he even bought McDonald’s with it.

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The items that the thief stole include cash, wallets, cards, computers, iPads, phones, and even a new pony skirt belonging to his girlfriend.

When he realized the thief was using his card, he promptly called the bank to suspend the credit card service. However, the audacious thief continued his spree, using the card to order McDonald’s.

Unexpected incident, despite staying alert

Reported to have happened on December 3rd at the Holiday Inn Paris Opéra Grands Boulevards hotel, Allen mentioned that prior to his trip to Paris, he had inquired about safety precautions.

He received a unanimous warning to be vigilant with belongings due to the prevalent risks of pickpocketing and street robberies, even at the tourist attractions.

In their quest for a secure stay in Paris, they sought recommendations on areas and hotels, with friends suggesting opting for larger-scale hotels for greater reliability.

Hence, they discover the Holiday Inn Paris Opéra Grands Boulevards as their go-to stay.

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The thief was seen hiding in another room

In a twist of fate, another guest at the same hotel, a Frenchman who can speak Chinese, stumbled upon the thief in his room upon returning.

Curious, he confronted the intruder, who attempted to flee. The quick-thinking guest managed to capture the thief in two photographs, providing concrete evidence – the bag the thief carried was Allen’s belongings.

Suspects that there is an insider in the hotel

Allen noted that the large hotel seemingly allows outsiders unrestricted access, enabling them to enter at will, ascend to guest room floors, and breach rooms using a simple room card.

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Shockingly, the thief then swaggered out of the hotel with the stolen goods, all without arousing suspicion from any hotel staff.

By this point, Allen began to suspect the possibility of an insider involvement.

They called the police

After calling the police and responding to their questions, they were told to report the incident at a nearby station.

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He noted that the authorities treated the incident as if it were a common incident, displaying a familiarity with such occurrences.

Upon heading to the police station to report the incident, their expectations were met with indifference as the authorities overlooked their concerns.

Enduring a prolonged wait, they were subjected to routine questions, with 90% of the interaction occurring in French between the hotel manager and the police.

Disappointed and moved to another hotel

After the incident, the victims were disappointed by the lack of help from both the hotel and local police, who didn’t seem to take the situation seriously.

Following this, he stated that they moved to a different hotel and also mentioned that they had to spend extra money to replace the things that were stolen.

However, they have chosen to continue their trip, although they had to cancel some planned activities.

A quick note to everyone. Regardless of a hotel’s reputation, no place is immune to theft. Always conduct a thorough check and stay vigilant while traveling.

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