M’sian Woman Demands Refund For Alcohol-Infused Cake She Ordered, Says It ‘Tasted Of Alcohol’

Isn't that what it's supposed to taste like?
For any business owner, dealing with unreasonable and petty customers is no doubt a stressful and nightmarish experience as it drains one of his/her physical and mental energy in dealing with their outrageous demands.

A woman recently had netizens doubling over with laughter and astonishment after she demanded a refund for a cake which had alcohol in it for “tasting like alcohol” despite devouring the entire thing.

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Complained of ‘bitter chocolate’ inside cake

In a post shared to the Facebook group 蒲种大新闻 (Puchong News Group) yesterday, it showed several screenshots of a conversation between the woman and a baker.

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It first started off with the woman complaining about the chocolate cake, where she told the baker that it wasn’t tasty at all.

When asked for further details, the woman said that the children griped about how bitter the chocolate was and asked whether the baker had used inferior products to make the cake.

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In response, the baker said he had used 1kg of chocolate imported from France, which cost him more than RM60. He also added that the chocolate’s bitterness was more apparent as it contained 64% of real cocoa.

M’sian woman demands refund for alcohol-infused cake

However, the most ridiculous part came when the woman complained about how strong the taste of alcohol was inside the cake, claiming that the children felt unwell after eating it.

Chocolate cake infused with whiskey
For illustration purposes only. Photo via Canva

This left the baker flabbergasted, who replied:

Miss, you ordered an alcohol-infused chocolate cake! If there’s no alcohol in it, what do you want me to do if you complained about it?

Despite the ridiculousness of her claim, the woman demanded for a refund, prompting the baker to inquire how much of the cake was left. To his shock, she told him that the entire cake had been eaten.

Unsurprisingly, the baker refused to entertain the woman’s request, causing her to ask whether a refund would be made if she lodged a police report.

Instead of arguing with her, the baker decided to troll the woman by posting a lengthy Buddhist prayer. When the woman disclosed that she was a Christian, the baker replied with a photo of a priest holding a crucifix.

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Netizens amused by incident

In the comment section, netizens couldn’t believe what they were witnessing and rolled with laughter over the entire exchange.

One likened the woman to the now-infamous Adeline, who has been on the news in recent weeks for refusing to pay for services rendered to her.

M'sian woman demands refund for alcohol-infused cake she ordered, says it 'tasted of alcohol' comment 1
Screenshot via FB/蒲种大新闻 (Puchong News Group)

Another praised the baker for his ingenuity in dealing with the woman and her unreasonable demands.

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M'sian woman demands refund for alcohol-infused cake she ordered, says it 'tasted of alcohol' comment 2
Screenshot via FB/蒲种大新闻 (Puchong News Group)

However, some seemed offended by the post, with one netizen asking whether it was purposely meant to demean Christians in general.

A netizen replied to her comment by saying that it wasn’t a matter of religion, but more of how irresponsible and petty the woman was.

M'sian woman demands refund for alcohol-infused cake she ordered, says it 'tasted of alcohol' comment 3
Screenshot via FB/蒲种大新闻 (Puchong News Group)

To all business owners, what was the most ridiculous demand you’ve received from a customer? Share with us in the comments!

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