M’sian Woman Celebrates Raya With Teacher Who Helped Pay Her Uni Entrance Fees 36 Years Ago

A reunion to remember.
Last month, we wrote of a woman who took to Facebook to appeal for help in tracking down a teacher who helped her pay the university entrance fees 36 years ago.

Fortunately, she was eventually able to reconnect with her former teacher Pak Lin Haw after netizens stepped in to offer assistance.

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Celebrated Raya with long lost teacher

A month later, the woman named Norasiah Jamil finally had the chance to see her former teacher, whom she fondly calls ‘Cikgu Pak’, at her family’s Raya celebration in Indera Mahkota, Kuantan on Apr 23.

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Speaking to New Straits Times about the reunion, Norasiah said it was an extremely emotional moment for her.

It was an emotional moment when Cikgu Pak stepped into my house with her husband…I greeted her before we embraced each other tightly. Several of my friends, including classmates, joined the reunion.

“We spoke about our memories during school days at SMK Alor Akar to our current lives and families. I showed Cikgu Pak pictures taken during our young days at school and she slowly managed to identify us who have all grown up,” she said as quoted by the English daily.

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Never forgot Pak’s kindness

Norasiah told NST that she first crossed paths with Pak during her student years at SMK Alor Akar after moving from Taiping, Perak. During her time there, Pak taught her Chemistry and was her Form Five teacher.

After completing her SPM exam, Norasiah initially wanted to join the army but was offered a spot at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia’s (UTM) Electrical Engineering degree programme thanks to her stellar results.

However, her family was unable to pay the entrance fees and Norasiah informed Pak of her decision to decline the offer.

“Upon hearing the news, Cikgu Pak assured me that she would do whatever she could to pay the fees so that I could attend university.

On the day I went to Johor via an express bus with my father to enroll myself in 1988, I remember clearly that Cikgu Pak handed me an envelope full of cash which she managed to raise to pay the fees.

“The money, along with funds provided by SMK Alor Akar’s Parent Teacher Association, and my father (borrowed cash from a relative), allowed me to set foot in UTM. I will never forget it. After five years in UTM, I graduated and worked in Shah Alam, Selangor,” she said.

Years later, Norasiah invested much energy and time in tracking Pak down and she was finally able to reconnect with her ex-teacher.

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She also added that she has plans for a bigger and merrier reunion with her classmates and Pak.

Such a heartwarming story! What other touching reunion stories have you heard? Share with us in the comments!


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