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M’sian Woman Approached By Suspicious Man At Bukit Jalil Mall, Believes He’s Part Of A Hypnotic Scam Syndicate

Sometimes you have to trust your instincts.

As we find ourselves in times where scams are not only becoming more frequent but also increasingly sophisticated, it is paramount to stay vigilant and alert to any potential dangers lurking around.

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Recently, a lady shared her uneasy encounter with a suspicious individual at a shopping mall in Bukit Jalil, bringing to light the importance of maintaining caution in public spaces.

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While shopping for daily necessities with her mother at a supermarket, the individual found herself the target of unsolicited attention from an unknown man.

M'sian woman approached by suspicious man at bukit jalil mall, believes he's part of a hypnotic scam syndicate | weirdkaya
Screenshot from xiaohongshu

Separated momentarily from her mother as she browsed through the bread section, she was approached by a man who began showering her with compliments, praising her “beauty”.

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Though startled and uncomfortable, the lady initially gave him the benefit of the doubt, suspecting him to be a promoter.

“I noticed you earlier and found that you have a great aura and are very beautiful. May I get to know you?” As he spoke, I kept stepping back and didn’t make eye contact with him.

She noted a looming suspicion that she might be dealing with someone with deceitful intentions, possibly belonging to a group involved in scams or hypnotism tactics, commonly referred to as a “mind trick group” in colloquial terms.

The stranger continued to probe, asking if she was alone and seemingly unconvincing when she mentioned her mother was nearby.

Fortunately, her mother appeared at the right moment, to which she called out to her, seeking refuge from the uncomfortable interaction.

Shockingly, the man then addressed her mother in a familiar manner and even had the audacity to ask for permission to be acquainted with her daughter, commending her beauty once more.

This bizarre and bold approach raised alarms for the netizen, who promptly excused herself and pulled her mother away from the man, ending the conversation firmly yet politely.

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“You don’t have to worry about being rude”

Following her frightening encounter, the netizen urged others to always be cautious when out and about, advising them to distance themselves immediately in similar situations without worrying about appearing rude.

She emphasized the importance of personal safety over formalities, encouraging individuals to seek crowded areas if they find themselves in an uneasy situation.

Speaking to WeirdKaya, the netizen revealed that the conversation took place in Mandarin, and another female was shopping nearby during the encounter.

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She had heard of similar cases before, which heightened her suspicions during the interaction.

Despite the distressing experience, she did not report the incident as the man did not follow her after she showed clear signs of rejection.

She observed that he remained stationary and eventually walked away with a smile, seemingly unbothered.

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