M’sian Woman Allegedly Tells Wives To Serve Their Husbands Like ‘Prostitutes’ On Telegram, Now Under Scrutiny

Several religious figures have called for the group to be shut down.
Marital relationships is a very complicated matter, where it takes time and effort to ensure that both sides stay committed to each other and satisfied in the marriage.

However, a woman has recently caught public attention after she was caught offering controversial advice to married couples on Telegram, sparking concern among religious authorities.

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Malay married couple in their traditional wedding attire.
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Tells wives to serve husbands like ‘prostitutes’

According to Harian Metro, the woman, who claimed to be an ‘ustazah’, has been giving highly controversial advice to couples looking to improve their married life.

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Among some of them include men raping their wives and women serving their husbands like how prostitutes would.

Men were also allegedly encouraged to physically hurt their wives if they failed or were unwilling to fulfill their desires.

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A screenshot of woman who tells wives to serve their husband like prostitutes on telegram.
Photo via Harian Metro

The Malay daily also reported that the ‘ustazah’ has a following of more than 24,000 people and that there was another Telegram group which offered marital advice from an extreme perspective and required those interested to join to pay a membership fee.

Religious figures raise the alarm

Shortly after the matter was made known, several religious figures have called for the government to clamp down on the woman and the Telegram group.

President of the Association of Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah Malaysia (Aswaja) Dr Zamihan Mat Zin told Harian Metro that the group had used Islam as a façade for its deviant teachings regarding women and marriage.

This is a form of physical and sexual abuse of the wife in the name of obedience, which is far from the true meaning outlined in Islam.

Aswaja president dr zamihan mat zin
Photo via Berita Harian

“I strongly urge the State Islamic Religious Department (JAIN) to conduct an immediate investigation, including summoning the woman and the administrators of the group as these teaching must be stopped at the early stage,” he said.

His sentiments were also echoed by controversial preacher PU Syed, who called upon the authorities to take swift action against the group.

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