M’sian Woman Allegedly Caught Peeing At Parking Lot & Used Car Door As ‘Shield’

Nature’s calls sometimes can’t be controlled, but that doesn’t mean you can release them anywhere, right?

Recently, a Malaysian woman was allegedly caught peeing at a parking lot, using her car door as a shield while attending to her urgent needs.

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Not content with just relieving herself on the parking lot, she proceeded to casually litter the used tissue paper in the same spot before quickly departing from the scene of the incident.

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Woman peed at parking lot

This incident was brought to light by an OP, who shared a CCTV clip of it on a Facebook group, 新山Bukit Indah大小事.

In that 1-minute-long video, a woman wearing all white shorts and pants was seen walking towards her car parked beside a restaurant.

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She then proceeded to open both the front and back doors before squatting down between the road to do her business.

Afterwards, it was believed that she used water and tissue for cleaning, but instead of disposing of it properly, she simply left the used tissue at the same spot.

With seemingly no concern, she quickly drove away in her silver car, as if nothing had happened.

Netizens were disgusted

“Getting in the car again, disgusting”

Another netizen questioned why she hadn’t opted for any of the toilets in the mall.

“It’s such an urgent need to solve it on the spot. Isn’t there a toilet in the mall?”

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Another Facebook user mentioned that they had a similar experience before.

“It’s disgusting enough. When I was little, I stepped on it and then got in the car.”

Let’s take this as a gentle reminder to be responsible citizens, ensuring cleanliness in public spaces and prioritising the use of proper bathrooms, even when we’re pressed for time.

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Watch the full video here:


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