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‘I’m A Guy!’ — M’sian With Long Hair Confused Over Being Told To Wear A Tudung

For those who practice the Islamic faith, they are required to wear clothing that cover up their ‘aurat’ (private areas) such as their hair, arms, and legs, especially for women.

Given this fact, a young man was left flabbergasted after he was confronted for not wearing a tudung (headscarf) while performing his prayers at a mosque.

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M’sian with long hair told to wear tudung

In the 36-second TikTok clip shared by @mooi1999taylorsversion on Friday (Apr 5), it showed the OP who his hair kept long enough for it to go a bit beyond his shoulders about to perform his prayers at the National Mosque.

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A few seconds into the clip, he is then accosted by a female mosque attendant who chided him for wearing “revealing clothes” and told him to wear a tudung.

In response, the OP said: “I’m a guy!”

Bizarrely, the mosque attendant replied “I know” before insisting that he wear a tudung to cover his long hair.

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This only seemed to leave the OP more bewildered than before and he tried to reason with the mosque attendant by saying that he was a guy and wasn’t required to wear the tudung.

I’m not a girl. I don’t need to cover my hair as it’s not my ‘aurat’. Guys don’t need to do that!

Thankfully, the mosque attendant seemed to finally get his point and could be heard exclaiming “Aduhai” over her mistake.

Needless to say, the entire exchange left the OP deeply confused, with the video ending with him staring into the camera with a puzzled look.

He also cheekily expressed his frustration in the caption, writing: “It’s so tiring being a guy. The mosque auntie was confused and asked me to cover my hair…and I’ll be like ???”

Netizens tickled by clip

The humourous conversation has since garnered 6.4 million views at the time of writing and comments by netizens who roared with laughter over it.

‘Man was confused to the core. Makcik, just say sorry.’

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'i'm a guy! ' — m’sian with long hair confused over being told to wear a tudung comment 1
Screenshot via TikTok/@mooi1999taylorsversion

‘The makcik was already embarrassed but still wanted to win.’

'i'm a guy! ' — m’sian with long hair confused over being told to wear a tudung comment 2
Screenshot via TikTok/@mooi1999taylorsversion

Meanwhile, some begged the OP to post a follow-up clip on what happened after the bizarre interaction.

'i'm a guy! ' — m’sian with long hair confused over being told to wear a tudung comment 3
Screenshot via TikTok/@mooi1999taylorsversion

Watch the video here:

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Penat la jadi lelaki Lawaaa 🥹🩵 auntie masjid ni confused ask me tutup rambut ..and i’ll be like *_* ???🧕🏼

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