M’sian Vendor Earns Up To RM10K A Day By Selling Drinks At Ramadan Bazaar

With the fasting month officially in full swing, Ramadan bazaars are popping up like mushrooms after rain all across Malaysia as vendors seek to draw in customers with their food and beverages.

One such vendor seems to have found the winning formula after it was revealed that he earned up to RM10,000 daily just by selling drinks at his stall! That’s a lot of money!

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M’sian vendor earns up to RM10K a day with ‘air balang’

Speaking to Sinar Harian about his booming business, 51-year-old Kamarul Azizie Abdul Rahim said he runs the stall with 12 other employees every year during Ramadan at the Nilai Ramadan Bazaar.

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Kamarul azizie
Photo via Sinar Harian

According to Kamarul, he’s able to sell 2,000 cups of the colourful flavoured water popularly known as ‘air balang’ a day.

However, he admitted that this success isn’t replicated every single day as there are several factors that affect how many cups he’s able to sell.

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If it rains, the business will slow down, raking in average daily sales of between RM7,000 to RM9,000.

“Last year, I sold 28 different flavours of ‘air balang’ and I’ve increased it to 34 flavours, including the yoghurt water which is trending right now,” he said.

Drinks priced from RM5 to RM8 per cup

Kamarul added that the drinks at his stall are priced between RM5 and RM8, which has allowed him to rake in thousands of Ringgit in sales last year.

Kamarul azizie posing at his drinks stall
Photo via Sinar Harian

“This year, we had to raise prices by RM1 due to the increase in raw material costs, but we still maintain the quality of our water.

“As for the yoghurt water, I didn’t just make it to have it taste good only, but I also learnt how to make it myself,” he said.

Kamarul also brushed off claims that all vendors use tap water to make ‘air balang’ but conceded that some have done so in the past.

“I only use water that has been boiled beforehand to make the drinks as I want to seek blessings while running the business,” he said.

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