M’sian Vendor Beaten To Death With Wooden Stick By Customer During Verbal Argument

The suspect was arrested 2 hours after the assault.
A verbal argument between a banana fritter vendor and a customer turned deadly after the former was beaten to death with a wooden stick.

China Press reported that the incident took place at a market in Pokok Assam, Taiping at around 4pm yesterday (Sept 12).

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People gathering near the incident area
Photo via China Press

M’sian vendor beaten to death with wooden stick by customer

According to Sin Chew Daily, the victim, who was known as ‘Ah Kun’ to acquaintances, got engaged in a verbal argument with a customer who allegedly used his hands to touch the banana fritters.

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A scuffle then ensued between the two, where ‘Ah Kun’ was chased into a side alley near the market. The customer also proceeded to wreck the banana fritter stall before leaving the scene.

Banana fritter stall after been destroyed by an angry man
Photo via Sin Chew Daily

Upon seeing the customer’s departure, ‘Ah Kun’ returned to his stall to clean up the mess left behind. However, the customer returned and struck ‘Ah Kun’ at the back of the head with a wooden stick before fleeing on his motorcycle.

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Unfortunately, ‘Ah Kun’ didn’t survive the assault and died at the scene.

Broken wooden stick on the ground
Photo via Sin Chew Daily

Suspect arrested after 2 hours

Two hours after the incident, police managed to arrest the 49-year-old suspect at a residential area and brought him to the Taiping Court today to be remanded.

According to Oriental Daily, the suspect worked as a contract worker and had divorced from his wife.

Suspect been arrested and escorted by the police
Photo via Oriental Daily

We hope justice will be meted out for ‘Ah Kun’ and his family over the assault!


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