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M’sian Upset To Find RM5 Murtabak Filled With Onions But No Meat

Murtabak bawang.
As the Ramadan season approaches, it ushers in the all-too-familiar tide of price increases, but, regrettably, without a corresponding rise in quality.

A buyer got a surprise that was more onion than delight.

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In a video that caught fire on TikTok, they cut into their RM5 meat martabak, expecting juicy bits of meat but finding an onion fest instead.

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He didn’t expect that buying a meat murtabak would come with an “extra” serving of onions.

After some digging, they did find a tiny bit of meat, but it was hardly the feast they’d hoped for.

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“Where’s the meat? Only onions. Where’s the meat in the so-called meat murtabak?”

This tale of unexpected onion dominance has captured the attention of over 277,900 viewers, getting likes and shares, and sparking loads of comments.

Prices increase, quality drops?

People are relating hard, sharing their own bazaar food fails in the comment section.

“Food quality at these bazaars has been going downhill for the last couple of years. Haven’t gone this year, and I keep hearing these stories,” someone else added, summing up the mood.

M'sian upset to find rm5 murtabak filled with onions but no meat | weirdkaya

It’s a mix of humor, a bit of frustration, and a whole lot of onions.

M'sian upset to find rm5 murtabak filled with onions but no meat | weirdkaya
@wawawani7 Xsangka beli murtabak daging dapat axtra bawang 😅 #ramadhan2024 #fyp #fypシ #fypシ゚viral #affiliatemarketing ♬ bunyi asal – Wawesshop


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