M’sian Bazaar Vendors Apologise For Raising Prices, Say They Have No Choice

'Sorry, but we have to.'

As the Ramadan season rolls in, along with it comes the inevitable wave of price hikes and the sting of the Sales and Service Tax (SST) making itself felt.

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In the bustling Ramadan Bazaar of Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI), Kuala Lumpur, traders are grappling with the escalating costs of raw materials, compelling them to adjust the prices of their offerings upward by approximately RM1 to RM2, according to Berita Harian.

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A hike of RM1- RM2

For instance, Suhaimi Ahmad, a dedicated murtabak vendor, finds himself in a position where increasing the price of his famed murtabak from RM5 to RM7 is unavoidable.

The culprit? A sharp rise in onion prices, which have hit RM7 per kilogram. Given that onions are a cornerstone ingredient in his recipe, this price hike is a significant blow.

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Similarly, Asmah Jamilus, renowned for her delectable Roti John, faces her own set of challenges.

The escalating costs of essential ingredients like chili sauce, black pepper sauce, and minced meat have pushed her towards considering a price adjustment.

Initially contemplating a move to RM10, she settles on RM9 after thoughtful deliberation with her husband, ensuring her Roti John remains accessible to her loyal clientele.

Ramadan bazaar
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In contrast, Mohd Redzuan Musa, a purveyor of the delightful kuih tepung pelita, opts to hold steady, absorbing the increased costs to keep his prices unchanged from the previous year, a testament to his commitment to his customers.

Hadiya Hamzah, a pragmatic private sector worker, reflects the sentiment of many bazaar-goers.

She acknowledges the ripple effect of rising costs on bazaar prices but sees value in the rich experiences and joy that the bazaar offerings bring.

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With a budget of RM50, she approaches the season with understanding and flexibility, embodying the spirit of community and sharing that defines Ramadan.


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