Group Of M’sian Teens Get Beaten Up For Refusing To Join Gang 24

They claimed police did nothing after they lodged a report.
A group of teenagers aged between 14 to 16 years old were grievously injured after they were brutally assaulted for refusing to join the notorious secret society named Gang 24.

The assault was all captured on video, which showed the teens being surrounded and hit with plastic chairs at a food center in Bandar Mahkota Cheras while onlookers watched in horrified silence, reported Sin Chew Daily.

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Teens beaten by gang 24 members
Screenshot via Sin Chew Daily

Beaten for refusing to join Gang 24

In a press conference at the DAP Youth (DAPSY) office in Bandar Mahkota Cheras yesterday (May 22), one of the teens said he and three others were at the food court when they were approached by Gang 24 members and coerced to join in.

When they stood firm in their decision not to, they were assaulted by the gang members, which left their bodies bloodied and bruised.

Since the end of last year, we have been pressured to join the gang and would be beaten up every time we declined.

Teens injured by gang 24 members
Photo via Sin Chew Daily

“Our parents have been made aware of the situation and we’ve reported it to the police. However, the gang members showed no signs of stopping and frequently approached us, sometimes even bringing machetes to school with the aim of forcing us into submission.

“Some of the gang members are also students, where they would wear their school uniforms and bring machetes to school,” said the teen.

Despite the imminent danger they faced, the teens said they have no plans to change schools.

Claimed police did nothing

The teens also made a shocking allegation that when alerted of their predicament, the police merely chose to keep an arm’s length from it.

“It’s not just us. Over 10 other students are in the same situation. We reported it to the school authorities, but they said they were powerless. We reported it to the police, but there was no action. In the end, we’re still facing gang coercion.
Teen showing his injury caused by gang 24 members
Photo via Sin Chew Daily

“However, we stand by our refusal not to join Gang 24 as we have no desire to become gang members or be used to commit illegal activities.”

Selangor DAP Complaints Bureau chief Lee Wen Bin, who was also present at the press conference, said he will lodge a report concerning gang infiltration in schools to the Kajang Criminal Investigation Department.

He also called upon the police to look into the teens’ claim of coercion and to place police patrols outside the school as it placed their lives in danger.


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