M’sian Teen Gets Mercedes And RM10K Cheque From Mum For Scoring 6As In SPM

Whenever we do well for our exams, the most we would get from our parents as a reward would be a meal at a fancy restaurant. If your family was better off, cash would be given also.

With the recent release of the SPM results, a local businesswoman decided to reward her son with a brand new car and a RM10,000 cheque for doing well in the exam.

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M’sian teen gets Mercedes and RM10K cheque for scoring 6As

In an Instagram reel posted by Liana Rosli, also known as Kak KM to her followers, it showed her calling her son Faris to brace himself for the rewards he was about to receive for his stellar results.

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After preparing him, Kak KM told Faris that his first present would be a brand new Mercedes and handed him the key, causing the teen to screech with delight.

Before Faris could thank her for the car, Kak KM took him by surprise with the second gift: a cheque worth RM10,000.

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Even Faris could hardly believe his ears and asked whether it was for real, to which Kak KM replied cheekily, ‘Of course lah. You think RM10,000 is easy to earn?’

Clearly overjoyed by the gifts, Faris proceeded to give Kak KM a tight hug and thanked her profusely for showering him with such lavish gifts.

Speaking to mStar about her son’s achievement, Kak KM said Faris scored a total of 6As for SPM and that she was very proud of him.

Alhamdulilah. I’m thankful that he’s a smart kid. I never expected him to score 6As. Even though he didn’t get ‘A’ for all subjects, it’s more than enough for me.

“He studied every day without fail and often didn’t sleep. We also prayed for him daily too,” she said.

Watch Faris receiving his presents here:

Congratulations to Faris on his SPM results and we wish him all the best in his future endeavours!

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