51yo M’sian Woman Scores A For Add Maths In SPM After Learning For 2 Months On YouTube

With SPM results officially released yesterday, there have been numerous stories of candidates who defied all odds to achieve exemplary results.

One such candidate was a tuition teacher from Muar, Johor, who sat for the Additional Mathematics paper at the age of 51 and was able to score an A for it.

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Relearnt Add Maths using YouTube & mock exams

Speaking to Sin Chew Daily, Liu Xiulian (transliteration), who tutors primary and secondary school students for mathematics and accounting, said” she was asked by a parent to teach their child Additional Mathematics.

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Unbeknownst to the parent, Liu had never learnt the subject before as she was forced to give up Add Maths in favour of Accounting during her schooling years.
Liu xiulian learning add maths
Photo via Sin Chew Daily

“Thus, I had to looked for materials online but in the midst of doing so, it actually rekindled my interest to sit for SPM again.

At that time, a voice told me to take the Additional Mathematics exam. I felt that if I could equip myself well in this area, I could help more students.

Armed with the burning desire to make up for the lost opportunity she experienced during her schooling years, Liu spent 2 months learning the Form 4 and Form 5 Additional Mathematics syllabus on YouTube and another 10 months practicing with various reference books and mock exam papers

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51yo M’sian woman scores A for Add Maths in SPM

Although Liu had to juggle between her tutoring job and caring for her elderly mother, she never gave up on the thought of retaking SPM.

When I walked into the exam hall that day, I was told that I was the oldest candidate but I didn’t feel ashamed at all.

Liu xiulian showing her spm results
Photo via Sin Chew Daily

“The invigilator asked me why I I was sitting for the exam and when I told her that I wanted to challenge myself, he was very impressed,” she said.

In the end, Liu was rewarded for her hard work and determination by scoring an ‘A’ for the subject, fulfilling her dream of having taken the Additional Mathematics paper.

“In the future, I plan to start an Additional Mathematics tutoring class to help SPM candidates overcome their psychological barriers for this subject.

“If I could handle the exam at my age, it will be even more convincing for younger candidates and I think my personal experience can help students better prepare for their exams.”


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