M’sian Teen Gets Married At Just 15yo, Says He Doesn’t Regret It

As long as he's happy?
Getting married is an occasion that most families look forward to as it signifies two individuals becoming one in a union that lasts for a lifetime. However, both parties must reach the age of consent before tying the knot.

For this young man, getting married at the age of 15 wasn’t an issue to him and was happy to share the story of how he met his wife when he was just a teenager.

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M’sian teen gets married at just 15yo

Speaking to Harian Metro at his home in Kampung Seberang in Sarikei, Sarawak, Nabil Syahmi Danish Askar, now 16-years-old, said he met his 18-year-old wife Dayangku Nazarina Awangku Saifuddin two years ago at a motorcycle event.

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Syahmi danish askar and his wife
Photo via Harian Metro

“While there, we exchanged phone numbers to get to know each other better and eventually went out together quite often.

Both of us decided to marry young because we loved each other and wanted to legitimise our relationship,” he said.

Nabil Syahmi added that he got the blessing of his family members to marry at such a young age. The only person who raised concern was his mother, who asked if he was serious about getting married as it wasn’t something trivial.

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However, she relented due to his persistence and the wedding was held on May 10 last year, all of which was paid for using Nabil Syahmi’s own savings which he earned from his part-time job.

‘I don’t regret marrying young’

While most would hesitate at the thought of marrying during their teenage years, Nabil Syahmi has no such sentiments.

Syahmi danish askar and his family
Photo via Harian Metro

I never regret getting married young because this is the path I chose.

“Some people say getting married young means you can’t have fun. For me, you can still have fun, even more so with a wife and a child.

“That’s not a problem at all because when we get older, our child will still be young and we can enjoy life together,” said Nabil Syahmi, who’s now a father to a two-month-old daughter.

The teen also said he hopes the marriage will last for a lifetime and that his daughter will grow up to be an upstanding individual.

Back in March, a Sarawakian man broke the Internet with photos of him marrying two women at the same time:

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