M’sian Teacher Falls In Love With Student’s Mum & Divorces Wife Whom He Felt Was ‘Too Fierce’

In the world of married life, everyone dreams of lasting happiness. Sadly, not all relationships stand the test of time.

One teacher left his wife after he felt that her temper was too much for him to handle, leading him to fall in love with another woman who was his student’s mother.

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How it all started

In a Facebook post by a netizen named Sharifah Zahidah on Aug 29, she shared a true story in which the duo first started out by exchanging texts with each other, but it eventually evolved into an affair which tore two families apart.

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The affair later came to light when the woman’s husband discovered her using the term ‘abang-sayang‘ on the teacher, which is the Malay equivalent of calling one ‘hun’ or baby’.

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M’sian teacher falls in love with student’s mum & divorces wife

When the teacher was confronted by the woman’s husband over the affair, he revealed that he was drawn to certain characteristics that his own wife lacked.

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She is soft, cheerful and positive. My wife isn’t like this at all.”

Tragically, the woman eventually asked her husband for a divorce as she yearned to be with the teacher, while the teacher also followed suit.

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Sharifah’s story doesn’t end there though, as she went on to detail a confrontation between the woman’s now ex-husband and the teacher’s now ex-wife.

During the conversation, the teacher’s ex-wife claimed that her ‘fierce’ behavior was due financial stress and overwhelming workload at home.

Toward the end of the post, Sharifah urged others to channel their affection and attention towards their spouses, not outsiders.

“Don’t let it happen to your family members either. It’s dangerous. This is the moment when flirting starts happening in a household. Prevent it before it gets worse,” she wrote.

Read the full post here:


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