M’sian Tailor Earns RM100K By Selling Budget-Friendly Baju Raya For Children

She started her business early this year.
With the high cost of living, it is challenging for families in the B40 group to celebrate and enjoy luxuries like the privileged. Recognizing and understanding their struggles, some good Samaritans are striving to ease up their worries.

A tailor, Mahani Udit, from Bukit Jambul Complex located in Penang has taken a remarkable approach to assist middle class families. The 35-year-old is an inspiring individual, who succeeded despite being a single mother with 3 kids of her own.

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A tailor, mahani udit, from bukit jambul complex located in penang
Photo via FB/@mahanibtudit

M’sian earns thousands from new business

By selling children’s attire at prices significantly below market rates, she aims to ensure that even in tough times, children can still enjoy the pleasure of new clothes for special occasions.

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She expressed her empathy towards the financial pressures parents face these days, particularly in affording school supplies and celebrating Ramadan and Syawal.

I started the sale of Hari Raya attire for kids around January, understanding some parents’ desire for early preparations. Sales were conducted via live streams on Facebook, with prices set between RM20 and RM150 per piece, varying by design.” she told.

Her aim is to make kids feel happy

According to Sinar Harian, Mahani began selling her clothes early this year, understanding that parents need time to financially prepare for purchasing baju raya.

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Baju raya made by mahani
Photo via FB/@mahanibtudit

Additionally, Mahani has earned the nickname ‘Crazy Tailor’ because her designs are exquisite and luxurious, yet priced so affordably that they are hardly a strain on the wallet.

Her motive was deeply rooted in her personal journey as a single mother, where financial constraints limited her children’s wardrobe to donated garments.

Inspiring journey

This experience ignited her determination to ensure that all children could dress beautifully, regardless of their family’s financial standing. She learned to sew via YouTube tutorials, enabling her to craft new, luxurious clothes for her children.

Pairs of children's clothing
Photo via FB/@mahanibtudit

This endeavor wasn’t just about clothing; it was about providing joy and self-esteem to children who, like hers, faced economic barriers. As of now, Mahani told that she has successfully sold over 10,000 pairs of children’s clothing, all of which she crafted personally with the assistance of a few employees.


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